Universal Healthcare (part 2)

The question is why does the world most powerful and richest nation on earth – the beacon for democracy and capitalism does not have a universal healthcare system in place-

Looking at the 7 most developed nations (G7) on earth, the USA is the only country where its citizens can (and do) go bankrupt secondary to having medical condition- and having insurance does not guarantee protection from this catastrophe.

Why is there no Universal Healthcare?

According to an article from the conversation in 2016, there are three main reasons:

No. 1: We don’t want it

One key reason is America’s unique culture. Americans very individualistic with an entrepreneurial spirit. There is a general belief that the government should play a limited role in society. The concept of universal health coverage is very opposite of the belief in individualism and limited government, so not surprising that it has never been enacted

No. 2: Interest groups don’t want it

The insurance industry is a key player in this process, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to help shape the industry, keeping private insurers versus the government, as the key player in American health care.  

 No. 3: Entitlement programs are hard in general to enact

A third reason America lacks universal health coverage is that America’s political institutions make it difficult for massive entitlement programs to be enacted. Partisan politics make passing this legislation vey unlikely (well at least currently)

So, for the present moment, it would appear that universal healthcare is off the table in the US – commercial insurance continues to be the dominant player.

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