About Me

Andrew Fraser MD MPH

Patient Quality improvement Expert


Andrew is a graduate St. Georges University School of Medicine and The New York Medical College and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and also a Masters of Public Health (MPH). He is passionate about patient quality and quality improvement initiatives utilizing a patient centric approach.
Andrew is currently Director of Clinical Quality at an Optumcare organization in Las Vegas after a stint at the New York City Department of Health,

Originally from Caribbean, he studied and worked both in Europe and North America and is acutely aware of the important link between quality improvement initiatives and a positive health outcome.

Andrew’s other passion is travelling, immersing himself in the destination culture.


You can get in touch with Andrew for a chat – collaboration-discussion on all things related to patient quality improvement; or on a lighter note travel destinations.

Improving population health- recognizing and addressing the inequities

A Brand video about my platform of Healthcare and healthcare policies, recognizing and addressing the inequities – with a goal of improving population health.

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