Coordinated care

The Patient centered Medical Home concept:

Initially pioneered in the 1960s, the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) concept has shown to be a promising approach in improving primary care delivery. What the Medical Home notion aims to achieve is the holy grail of medicine, the quadruple aim, i.e.:

  • an improvement quality of care  
  • at a reduce cost,
  • with improved patients and caregiver’s satisfaction  
  • also increased health care professional’s satisfaction;  

The innovative idea encompassed five core principles and functions:

  1. comprehensive “whole person” care,
  2. a patient-centered approach,
  3. coordinated care across primary and specialty care,
  4. accessibility of services,
  5. and quality and safety of care,

According to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the primer regulatory body that issues the PCMH designation, ‘a patient-centered medical home is a model of care that puts patients at the forefront of care. PCMHs build better relationships between patients and their clinical care teams.’  The coordinated care emphasizes making the patient an active participant in his/her health and wellbeing and uses a primary care provider (PCP) led team approach to care. The model utilizes evidence-based guidelines and advanced analytics in the effective management of the empaneled patient

Why should you choose a PCMH?

Research has demonstrated that PCMHs does indeed improve quality of care and the patient and staff satisfaction—while reducing health care costs. A win for all involved- the patients; the staff and the system as a whole. Practices that earn this prestigious recognition have made a commitment to continuous quality improvement and a patient-centered approach to care.

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