The shared journey in Health

How do I achieve it?

How do I achieve health and what is my responsibility in this journey?

Am I an active participant in my health and wellbeing or am I a passive follower in this journey?

Is all aspect of my health needs addressed by my provider team – physical and mental health


How do I collaborate with the healthcare system and providers in my quest to archive health?

Do I adhere to the preventive measures recommendations -(primary secondary and tertiary) and is there a collaborative discussion

Is cost a factor and a consideration, also just as importantly is my satisfaction taken into account?

What is it exactly? What is health?

Now that we are on this journey- exactly what is health or more apt, good health?

Is it the absence or prevention or management of diseases?

What about social factors; Social Determinants of Health inclusive of culture-environment/living situation and access.

All these factors come into play as we proceed on our quality improvement journey and ultimate goal of achieving health employing a patient centric approach.

Follow along as we continue on this collaboration using the Patient centered care methodology.

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